Company Profile

CCB Futures Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CCB Futures") is a subsidiary of China Construction Bank Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CCB").Founded in 1993, the company changed its name and reorganized in April 2014, with its registered capital of RMB 561,059,800.

CCB Futures has the qualifications of commodity futures brokerage, financial futures brokerage business and asset management business. Having been engaged in commodity futures brokerage and financial futures brokerage services for many years, the company is able to provide clients with whole variety of futures investment and risk management services. For asset management business, the company can provide multi-level and multi-species wealth management tools based on clients' entrust. The company has a wholly-owned risk management subsidiary -CCB Resources Co., Ltd, which provides services from warehouse service, cooperation insurance, basis transaction, OTC derivatives to commodities collateral financing and general trading, etc.

CCB Futures is a member of Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange,Shanghai International Energy Exchange and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, a settling and trading member of China Financial Futures Exchange, a director unit of Shanghai Futures Exchange Supervisory Committee, a member of Trading Committee in the Dalian Commodity Exchange, and a member of the 1st China Futures Association and a member of the Asset Management Committee during the 4th Board of the China Futures Association. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, with ten sales offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Fuqing,Quanzhou,Xiamen,Guangzhou,Hangzhou,Ningbo and three branch offices in Shenzhen,Xi'an and Shandong.

A controlling shareholder of the company is CCB Trust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CCB Trust"), which is a holding subsidiary of CCB, with the registered capital of RMB15.2727 billion. CCB Trust is mainly involved in the following business, including capital, movable and immovable property, securities trusts, investment funds, asset restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, project financing, corporate finance, financial advisory, securities underwriting, lending of its own funds, investments, guarantees and other services. The entrusted asset of CCB Trust was RMB12061.96 billion by 2016, and the total asset was RMB171.87 billion.

CCB Futures is an important part of CCB's integrated operation. By the end of 2017, market value of CCB was about US$2,328.98 billion. CCB has 14,920 branches in the country, and serves 4.78 million corporate clients as well as 375 million individual clients. CCB has completed a multifunctional financial services system, including commercial banks, life insurance, funds, trust, leasing, futures, investment banks, housing savings banks and rural banks. Depending on the integrated and multi-functional advantages of CCB, CCB Futures shall actively promote product innovation and service innovation, make use of futures and derivative instruments, and provide professional, high quality futures investment and risk management services for our clients.